Though making music for many years, nothing was released until 2020. Music that‘s reminiscent of everything from Joy Division, Tool, The Cure, to Sabbath, and something altogether its own flavor. “Rock by any other name is still rock and Beatles is my starting point anyway. Closely followed by Zeppelin, Sabbath, and The Clash.” Unapologetically and fearlessly drawing inspiration from classic bands. “Great music is great music, regardless of time, space, age and whatever else. I don’t care where, or whom, it comes from as long as it sounds good to me.” The lyrics aren’t simplified, there’s layers here for those who care to listen deeper. “Emotions dressed in sound, isn’t that what music is all about.” Not so much a question as a statement. Originally from Europe, makes his home far out west, by the shores of California. “I’m a nomad, in my life as well as my musical taste. Someday I’ll settle down in my life, musically I hope I never do.”


May 2023. ‘Horizon’ is the newest release. Originally recorded in 2020 and meant to go on an album, but plans change. Sometimes things are apparent, deep in the heart, and other times, on the far horizon. But always there. One way or another, something in us always knows. Whether we choose to listen, or close our ears to it. I guess those choices are what shapes our lives.

March 2023. ‘No Vacancy’ released. A tune I never even thought I would create, let alone put out there. The slowest thing I’ve ever recorded and very different from anything else I’ve ever done. Probably the closest to a “musical” show tune I will ever get.

January 2023. Established in a new city for a year now. Been recording new tunes and a new release is imminent. Keep your eyes peeled and ears open on February 7th, which is

‘International Clash Day’

celebrating “the only band that matters” rather appropriately with a new song release.


November 2022. New music cooking. Watch this space.

January 2022. New year already, time does indeed fly. Living the hotel life. It’s a strange existence, one that can be extremely bad or decent depending on the temporary abode. Can’t shake the feeling of being stranded someplace. When life feels like you’re living in a holding space more acutely than ever. Still writing tunes.  


September 2021. New instrumental single ‘Happy Go Lucky (The Squirrel Song)’ released.

About to embark on a move, still in California, headed further south and closer to the ocean. Still chasing clouds.

This unexpected move will delay the album release, but it will be a time to rest, reflect and write even more. Looking for  home.

February 2021. New single ‘Hive Mind’ released. Still in Covidian times.


September 2020. Single ‘Circle of Pain’ released. Pandemic still wreaking havoc.

April 2020. Currently working on second release amidst a pandemic and world wide quarantine.

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