This story begins with 4 boys from Liverpool, England, who made up a band called The Beatles. They grew up, inspired by Elvis, learned to play instruments, formed a band and went on to affect and change the rest of the world irreversibly. Their music traveled across space and time to many places, one of which was up north, to ‘the land of ice and snow, from the midnight sun where hot springs flow’ to quote another band that came along a little later from England too. Scandinavia, with its cold, dark winters, and troll, fairy and gnome filled forested lands was the place where, many years later, the ears of a young boy perked up with fascination at the music these lads from Liverpool had created.

With time and age, more music from England was discovered, Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, The Stones, and of course, The Clash! Eventually the way forward was clear. This country of England, the home of so many musical heroes had to be visited. Years were spent roaming the streets of England, up and down, to the point of blisters sometimes forming from boots worn down by those same streets. Nottingham, Birmingham, Bristol, Bath and London, which was always a favorite place. Denmark street especially, with all of its legendary guitar and music stores, were visited, guitars played and dreams dreamt. First electric guitar was built by hand though. It exists to this day and is still helping to create songs and music. A Telecaster shaped guitar, because of Joe Strummer of course.

It was in this country that pen was first put to paper to write. Lots of words and thoughts flowed out, and coupled with humble skills on the guitar, songs were penned and almost a decade or so later, here we are. Here is America now, not England anymore because a right turn led to a road heading west. And this is where, in March 2020, some of those musical creations were set free on an unsuspecting public. By now you’ve probably understood that the blame for this falls squarely on the shoulders of The Beatles. And Led Zeppelin...and The Clash...but mostly The Beatles. They’re the ones who started it all.

April 2020. Currently working on the second album amidst a pandemic and world wide quarantine. 

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